24 November, 2010

The Blue Mountains Gazette's review of my book launch at the Carrington Hotel

This really made me laugh and brought back memories of a great evening.

On page 2 of The Gazette:

"Puppy takes to catwalk"
Eight absolutely stunning vintage dresses that are part of the priceless Darnell Collection inherited by Blackheath's Charlotte Smith provided a thrilling, razzle dazzle treat for guests attending the book launch for Dreaming of Chanel on November 11.

Held inside the Art Deco grand ballroom of the Carrington Hotel, the launch also featured an 'in conversation' session between Charlotte Smith, who wrote the book, and Blackheath author Tara Moss, who recently penned The Blood Countess, which appropriately also has a fashion theme.

Sydney, the "cute little white dog"
The rare and exquisite vintage dresses wowed the audience and there was plenty of good humour shared by the two special guests too. At one stage arguably the most stunning dress, a rusty pink 1960s piece by Chanel, drew gasps from the crowd when a cute little white dog accompanying the model left its own little 'fashion statement' on the catwalk carpet.

"That wouldn't have minded the woman who wore this particular dress in the 60s", Charlotte said. "I'm sure she would have hired someone especially to walk alongside her to pick up any accessories left behind by the dog."

Of course, this was said as I was quickly scooping up the "statement" with my notes for the evening dressed in sequins and beads and tottering in Dolce & Gabana stilettos. I had to think quickly with the saying ringing in my ears - 'never work with children or animals'!

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